python-colormath is a simple Python module that spares the user from directly dealing with color math. Some features include:

  • Support for a wide range of color spaces. A good chunk of the CIE spaces, RGB, HSL/HSV, CMY/CMYK, and many more.
  • Conversions between the various color spaces. For example, XYZ to sRGB, Spectral to XYZ, CIE Lab to Adobe RGB.
  • Calculation of color difference. All CIE Delta E functions, plus CMC.
  • Chromatic adaptations (changing illuminants).
  • RGB to hex and vice-versa.
  • 16-bit RGB support.
  • Runs on Python 2.7 and Python 3.3+.

License: python-colormath is licensed under the BSD License.

Assorted Info

Useful color math resources